Business units


The wood information business segment is the widely effective mouthpiece of proHolz Tirol. Tasks range from providing expert wood advisory services, wood marketing and public relations activities.


The wood cluster business unit is a company-based network that aims to establish horizontal and vertical linkages within the Tyrolean forestry and timber industry. Its main activities focus on cooperation, qualification, product development, innovation, market development and internationalisation.


The Timber Engineering Unit, which was established by proHolz Tirol as a foundation, has become an important part of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Innsbruck. The core competencies of the Timber Construction work area cover education, basic research, applied research, cooperation, product development and project advisory services.

proHolz Tirol – ´an all-round view´

... provides information and advisory services

on issues related to forestry and timber through publications, presentation and technical events, on-site project meetings, web presence, personal wood advisory services and the documentation of sample projects. Our wood consultant is at your disposal!

... presents

innovations related to timber engineering, attractive interior finishes and furnishings, high-quality timber architecture and the diverse application areas of wood at trade fairs, in publications and on our homepage

... motivates

to encourage the meaningful and creative use of the many different wood products, to take full advantage of the many opportunities they offer.

... creates awareness

about forests, a recreational space with irreplaceable ecological functions and the source of wood. Interesting facts about forests and wood are communicated to students in a playful manner, right in the forest or at timber-processing operations.

... drives forward

broadly-based linkages through project collaborations with partners from industry and research, and is therefore a central hub for issues related to forests and wood.

... initiates

projects in terms of the forestry and timber industry to optimise the value chain of domestic timber, such as the development of an avalanche protection window, a feasibility study about noise protection enclosures in wood construction, research study about stone pine or the development of calf houses in wood construction.

... raises the profile

of the entire timber industry and hence also the attractiveness of occupations related to forestry and wood.