Projects - Baumstark

Baumstark - Handmade high-class interior

Innovative Tyrolean companies of joiners and cabinet makers are bundling their core competencies under one name: Baumstark. Specialists for planning, finishing and installing exclusive lines of furniture and custom furnishings – for any room and function, and in any style, whether for commercial or private living, or the representative spaces of companies, institutions, hotels, etc. State-of-the-art production facilities combined with professional master craftsmanship guarantee the highest level of quality, from customised manufacture all the way to the overall organisation of renovation, expansion and restoration activities. Strong wood, strong performance and top quality: Baumstark (´strong as oak´).

Established in 2004, Baumstark mainly focused on projects in Austria, particularly in Tyrol. By developing its European market base, the association has been able to obtain a number of lucrative orders from England, Ireland, Ukraine and Russia.

Support for this collaborative effort is provided in line with proHolz Tirol / Holzcluster.