Projects - Tourism

Architecture for guests

The tourism industry forms a key focus of proHolz Tirol's activities, and in Tyrol tourism is of course inexorably linked to wood!

Builders active in the tourism industry benefit from the many advantages that wood offers. Its suitability for rapid building processes helps builders implement renovations and redevelopments during the short periods of the mid-season cycle. The good room climate of wood buildings not only has a positive effect on guests but also on staff, who spend at least a third of their day in such buildings and appreciate the ability to work in a healthy climate.

Guests draw the full benefit from the use of wood as a building material. They find what they came for: variety and recreation. Very few people live in a wood-based environment, and are therefore particularly open to the beneficial effects of wood on the human organism. Regionalism is an important issue in terms of vacation planning. Guests eat local meals and also want to live in as regional an environment as possible.

No other building material is as important to our regions as wood. The entire wood value chain, from forestry and the timber industry to carpenters and cabinet makers, benefits from the continued demand for and increasing use of wood. Statistically speaking, each community now has at least one timber industry business, timber construction business and between three and six cabinetmaker's workshops.

Building with wood benefits everybody - guests, builders and the entire region.