Projects - genialeHolzjobs


This project provides job information in line with the subject "Job Orientation" that is taught at Austrian schools.

Starting in Year 8 and up to Year 10, students have to choose which direction they will take in life.
This free offer is mainly taken up by secondary modern schools, new middle schools and polytechnic schools, although it is of course also available to other schools.
At the same time, proHolz Tirol focuses on Year 8 students, i.e. the third Hauptschule year. At this age, students begin their job orientation, and it is possible to reach students right at the point when they begin to consider their futures.

Presentations of various types and materials are given at the schools. Ideally, a presentation will take about two school hours, with a maximum number of 25 students. Most of the participating schools choose this ideal form of presentation, which promotes a constructive collaborative atmosphere and sufficient attention on the part of the students.

The presentation is used to explain the general relationship between climate and the forests, the purpose of the forest, timber types and the various educational training options, with a focus on the different professions in the forestry and timber industry.
Students are asked to participate during the entire presentation; questions are asked continuously to ensure that students maintain their concentration and focus on the subject at hand.
Short videos and clips about the occupational groups, which provides more detailed information on what was said previously, are also presented to add some variety to the presentation.

The presentations also offer an opportunity for businesses from the region to introduce "their" profession in more detail. This offer is mainly taken up by businesses in the timber industry, but is open to all businesses in the wood value chain.

Since 2010, these career information presentations have been given in line with the proHolz "genialeholzjobs" days initiative.